Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having a garage/yard sale. Can I list that with you?

Unfortunately, no. We do our very best to keep the site for traditional estate liquidations where most of the items of a household or business are being liquidated. You would need to physically move all or a large portion of the sale items indoors in order to be able to list the sale on our site. We specify that your sale must be inside the home, but of course, we realize that not every item of an estate can be inside – we wouldn’t ask you to make room for a lawnmower or a motorcycle in the living room.

How do I list my sale with you?

Currently this option isn’t available but it’s coming.


If you want to list an estate sale or some type of liquidation sale, simply click the box at the top that says ” Sell”.  Please note: Your sale MUST be published to the site at least 48 hours prior to the first day of the sale to be included in the email notifications. 

How can I edit my sale after publishing the listing?

This option isn’t available at this time.  Please check back.

How do I pay?

As soon as you submit your sale listing, you’re directed to the publish page which will allow you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover via PayPal.  Please create an account.

Why isn't my credit card working?

Please pay via PayPal.

Can I choose not to display my sale's address until the day before the sale?

This option not available at this time.


Yes! Our system will automatically hide the address until 9am of the day before the sale begins. Your sale’s address can be displayed as late as three hours before the sale starts, or as early as you want. You can make this selection on the first page of the sale wizard.

What information should I provide in the sale description?

It’s best to provide as much information as possible in the sale description. We have no limit to text (unlike the newspaper), so more is always better. This can only draw more interest in your sale, as people are able to get a good idea about what you have available. Be as descriptive as possible; if you have furniture, what type of furniture is it? What is the brand name? What is the color? Etc.

What's the cut-off time for uploading pictures?

There isn’t a deadline for uploading pictures like there is for making payment for your sale listing, however, you’ll want to try to upload any pictures you have for your sale before people receive notification of the sale.